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Your garage door may be the last thing you think of when it comes to home maintenance, probably because it’s easy to overlook them due to their reliable automatic opening and closing. Yet, the amount of times we’ve had to repair or replace a garage door because of an issue that could have been rectified through regular maintenance checks is astonishing! 
The importance of regular maintenance is something we blogged about recently, but now we want to take a look at some of the common garage door problems you can face and how to resolve them: 

Old Rollers 

Every time you use your garage door, the rollers are called upon to move up and down a track system. Like any mechanical device, with constant use, this can lead to some wear. If the issue is left unattended, the rollers can break and it can result in an expensive repair. Instead, have your rollers checked regularly by professionals. In addition, the general industry advice is to replace your rollers every five years, so you should plan this into your home maintenance budgets. 


If your garage door doesn't close, don’t panic. Typically, the reason for an automated garage door to not close is due to movement of the safety sensors. Due to the high traffic and regular use of the door, it is easy for the sensors to be lodged out of place. Check the sensors are correctly adjusted before calling for a repairman. 
If your door doesn't close all the way, it may be due to some problems with the limit switch. If the garage door hits the ground and tried to reverse back up, there may be an obstruction in its path or within the sensors that is causing the issue. The best course of action is to consult with a professional who knows the health and safety procedures with checking faults in garage doors. 

Doesn’t Stay Open 

If the garage door does not stay open, the cause may be a faulty spring or spring system. It is dangerous for you to try and fix or replace this yourself, and we strongly advise that you get a professional in to resolve the problem before using the garage again. 

Closes Too Quickly 

Automated garage doors that close too quickly is hazardous to people, animals and possessions. Again, this issue is often the result of an issue with the springs or cables, and it will need immediate fixing before the garage is safe to use again. 

Sticking Garage Door 

If the garage door fails to move smoothly, or it is completely stuck, it may be from the result of a broken moving part, such as the pulley, or a bent track. Assess the wheel tracks to remove obstructions, and if you haven’t lubricated the garage door in a while, consider doing so now. 
A sluggish movement may also be down to issues with the springs. We therefore advise consulting with a professional who will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Overlooking Lubrication 

Not all garage door openers need to be lubricated; however, the ones that need it should be done every one to two years. In particular, pay attention to the door hinges which can often be where breakages occur. With lubrication, from products as WD-40, your door will also make less noise and run a lot smoother. You can usually tell if the garage door needs lubricating as it may creak, squeak or grind. Spray the moving parts, taking care not to get any around the springs. 
Additionally, the operator rails also need attention regularly to avoid rusting or issues in their movement. The company that installs your garage door should advise you on the appropriate garage door maintenance. 

Noisy Door 

If the noises persist with lubrication, it may be that parts of the garage door need replacing. It is important to note that a loud bang on one occasion may be the result from a broken spring that will require an immediate replacement from a professional. It is advised you refrain from using the garage or the door until the replacement is carried out. 

Unadjusted Motor 

One issue can be that your garage door operator (sometimes referred to as the motor) has lost power. To resolve this issue, you can look to adjust the limit switches; these are generally located on the side of the motor. 

Cracks and Gaps 

Cracks and gaps in the garage door are not all about the appearance; it also affects the security and weather-tightness of your garage. If the sealant is displaying signs of damage, they should be replaced as soon as possible, while cracks in any wooden doors can be sealed by a professional. 
As well as being annoying, garage door issues can also be dangerous. If you are concerned about your garage door in Devon, get in touch with us today, and we will be able to advise you on the best course of action. Our professional engineers are highly-trained and will be able to diagnose and fix any garage door problem you are facing. We would also strongly advise our regular garage door maintenance checks to ensure your garage doors run smoothly and safely. Contact us today for more details. 
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