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Zenith Doors are happy to announce that as of today 14-05-2020 we are open for business as usual. 
Whist we appreciate the apprehention people are feeling at this time, rest assured all our staff including engineers will all be following the strict government guidlines during the ongoing pandemic, including social distancing and the wearing of correct PPE.  
We as a company would like to thank all our clients new and old for the patience and understanding shown at this time, we can assure you we not only have our own welfare in mind but yours as well.  
Stay safe and well  
With the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 and the uncertainty that it is causing, we wanted to reassure you what Zenith Doors are doing to safeguard our staff, our customers and our business. 
We are following the official guidelines regarding general hygiene; this includes information on the protocol for washing hands, the use and disposal of tissues, hand sanitizer being made available throughout the premises along with regular communications on keeping safe and reducing the risk of contracting the virus. 
All external staff have been advised to limit any non-essential interaction with clients were practicable 
All non-essential travel within the business has been cancelled. 
Our plan is for the business to remain open. 
We are currently putting in place a plan to facilitate continued levels of service via staff working from home as and when this becomes necessary. 
We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust; accordingly, in the meantime, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support during these difficult times. 
Zenith doors are proud to announce the successful completion of the SeceuroFire Approved Installer training programme at SWS UK for 2 of our engineers ensuring our training programme is always ongoing and up to date, ensuring our clients are safe in the knowledge that only fully trained engineers are sent to complete a job. 
For every business owner, fire safety should always be a top priority when it comes to keeping your staff and business safe. No matter what type of business you are, it’s important that you understand your responsibilities to comply with fire safety regulations. Read our guide to fire safety in the workplace below to ensure you take the appropriate precautions. 
Signs in a warehouse directing staff where the fire exit is
According to many health and safety experts — ISO 45001 represents a landmark breakthrough. For the first time internationally, businesses of all sizes can now access a single framework that offers them a clear pathway to developing better and more robust occupational health and safety measures. 
The Benefits of Certification 
Demonstrate our commitment to safety 
Prepare for the future 
Engage our employees 
Reassures customers 
Save on public liability premiums 
Win new business 
One of the most crucial aspects of running any business, no matter how large or small, is security. While daylight robbery is usually a rarity, if sufficient security measures are not in place, as a business owner, we could be leaving ourselves vulnerable and open to any potential attack. To ensure the business remains as protected as possible, you may want to consider upgrading your existing shutter door requirements 
Energy efficiency is a serious issue for any business. As we’ve written about before, for companies, it is vital to keep running costs to a minimum as well as to maintain a green ethos. However, finding the right solution to build up energy efficiency is tough. So in this article, we have compiled some of our top tips for businesses to improve their energy efficiency. If you want some advice on how to grow the greeness of your business, then read on. 
There are numerous advantages to owning an automated door. They are used throughout the business world, in both commercial and industrial workplaces, to allow for easy and convenient access to a building. They can help your business save space and provide an entryway that doesn’t reduce footfall or create congestion at work. 
Automated doors are a huge convenience to your life in the business world. In this article, we explore five big benefits of automated doors over other manual solutions. 
We know that when you choose a garage door, you want something that will last. That’s why we offer a range of SeceuroGlide garage doors – high-quality products with long product lifespans that require minimal maintenance and servicing. With many unique safety, security and design features, SeceuroGlide garage doors are leading in the industry and are one of our trusted suppliers. Read on for our guide on all you need to know about SeceuroGlide’s garage doors. 
Brown door in front of a brick house behind a tree.
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