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The ease of automatic doors makes it easy to forget their maintenance, regardless of whether you use them for personal or business use. It’s a rare occurrence that an automatic door would break or stop working, but it is only on these occasions that most property and business owners would consider having them checked, repaired and often replaced. 
Inside a warehouse where a professional engineer is checking an automatic door.
The automatic door, despite their simple movements and appearances, is a complex piece of equipment in need of regular maintenance, just like any other mechanical device in your life. Ignoring the responsibility of its upkeep can result in a host of problems that can cause delays and inconveniences, all of which routine inspections could help to avoid. 
While you could always replace the door when it breaks, allowing your automatic door to get to the point of needing a replacement can leave you susceptible to many risks and bigger headaches, all of which we have outlined in the following guide. 
Regular maintenance helps to: 

Reduce Risks of Injury 

One of the leading causes of automatic door disrepair is the constant wear and tear from everyday use. For this reason, systematic checks are advised to look for signs of breakage to fix before more serious malfunctions occur. The problem with leaving small damages is that they can soon turn into more significant issues, and if you’re not careful, result in injuries where you, as the property or business owner, are liable. 
Our maintenance and repair services mean that you can rest assured that your automated doors are working correctly, efficiently and safely. With our qualified engineers inspecting every aspect of the door and fixing any issues they may spot, you can evade any foreseeable injuries from delaying or failing to have them professionally examined. 

Increase the Lifespan of the Door 

While our automatic doors are high-quality builds, we do advise that you take care of them to ensure their longevity; the responsibility of care involves having them frequently checked by engineers. 
Regular, professional assessments will ensure your investment in an automated door system is safeguarded over time, and you do not have to pay for an entirely new door because of mistreated issues. 

Reduce Costs 

Maintenance can help to keep your costs low by reducing the costs of major repairs down the line. While regular maintenance reviews may incur small regular costs, they can help you avoid any costly repairs or replacements in the future. 
Our maintenance visits, carried out by our team of professional engineers, include safety inspections, and where required, minor adjustments will be made to guarantee your automated doors work as they should. 

Ensures You Meet Safety Regulations 

Due to the safety implications of automated doors, it is a legal requirement that any industrial, security or commercial door is regularly maintained. It is not enough to say that you or your staff check these systems, with the evidence needed to show that they have been inspected and serviced by professionals. These are required, not only to satisfy health and safety regulations (1992 Working Regulations Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems) but for business insurance reasons. 
The amount of recommended checks can vary depending on the reason and use of the automated door in question. Recommendations suggest automated door safety checks are performed twice a year regardless of their use; however, high traffic doors (specifically those for commercial and industrial uses), are checked on a quarterly basis to avoid any risks of their use. 
For more information on our maintenance and safety inspections, get in touch with us today. We provide free site visits and consultations, and we would be happy to advise you on the next steps of your automated door maintenance plans. 
We also offer our customers emergency call-outs, operating 24/7, so on the rare occasion you need us to make an emergency fix to your garage doors in Devon to industrial-level doors, we can be there for you. 
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