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Choosing the right fireproof door for your business is a critical decision. Should a fire break out, the safety of you and your employees’ lives may depend on whether your selection is up to the task. However, a good safety door selection can save the lives of both you and your stock, depending on what you choose. 
Different businesses have different fire safety needs, which can impact which choice is the right one. As experts in installing industrials doors in the South West, we have a lot of experience picking out the right door for the right business. In this article, we break down the different options of fire safety door available to you. 

Steel Doorsets 

Steel doorsets are the standard kind of doors for health and safety escape routes. These are horizontally folding doors with panels made from galvanised steel. Steel is a durable material already for most doors, but the galvanisation process applies a protective zinc coating that prevents rusting and further damage. Galvanised steel doorsets are commonly used as fire exits thanks to their fully adjustable frames and other features. They are also often used as personnel doors thanks to their versatility. 
As well as steel doorsets, we offer steel acoustic doors. Insulated and internally reinforced with 1.5 or 2mm steel skin, these doors are excellent for protecting as both fire and personnel doors. We offer the Strongdor’s 4000 Series internal doors ourselves because of their exceptionally high-quality design and the ten year warranty that comes with each product. These doors have a fire rating of up to one hour, meaning they can withstand a standardised fire exposure for up to an hour before breaking. They also offer soundproofing of up to 62dB, louder than most conversations or basic appliances, if you so need it. 

Automatic Flame Curtains 

For extra security and where a door is not strictly needed, an automatic flame curtain is exceptionally useful. Practically invisible when not in use, a curtain falls when a fire detector sounds the alarm, sealing off a room and slowing down the spread of a fire. It also activates when there is a power outage and has a gravity fail-safe, so the sheet automatically falls in case the alarm does not activate, so you can be sure to be protected. 
Automatic flame curtains also can be quickly and manually pulled up. Therefore, in case of the extreme circumstance where someone is trapped behind the curtain, they can force up the flame curtain slightly to escape. The curtain then re-seals behind the escapee, containing the fire once again. 
Flame curtains are fantastic at containing fires in large open plan spaces where a door would not be practical. They are most common in larger offices, factory doorways through which vehicles must travel, and in restaurant or kitchen areas. Our flame curtains come with a two-hour rating, giving you long-lasting additional protection. 

 Fire Rolling Shutters 

A fire rolling shutter or a flame shutter is an electrically-operated kind of vertical shutter consisting of many horizontal slats hinged together over an entryway. They protect your property both from fire and from vandalism. External fire shutters especially are common in warehouses, offices, and even residential homes because of the security they provide. Internal fire shutters are typically more expensive but can provide more visible protection if desired. 
Fire shutters are less subtle and versatile than flame curtains, but provide better safety and typically have higher fire ratings. If you are in a high fire risk area, such as a confined industrial space or kitchen, then fire shutters are the far superior safety choice. However, if you have an extremely large (or tiny) space that needs additional fire security, then a flame curtain is the better choice. 
While we have covered the most popular kinds of fire resistant doors, there are many available that might suit your property’s needs. If you need any further help selecting the appropriate door, read one of our guides on the different types of industrial door, or get in touch with our team directly. We have over 30 years of experience providing industrial doors in the South West and are happy to help you find what you need. 
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