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While many traditional doors are bulky, unattractive and require a manual opening, automated doors are a slick and versatile alternative that could benefit your business in several ways. Find out more here. 
An automatic door opening to let a person enter
If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet simple way to enhance the entry points of your business, automated doors could be the ideal solution for you. While many traditional doors are bulky, unattractive and require a manual opening, automated doors are a slick and versatile alternative that can be installed in a diverse variety of premises. Below, we list just five ways in which automated doors could benefit your business: 
Easier Access 
One of the most apparent benefits of automated doors is that they provide easier access to your business premises for both you and your clients. Not only will having the luxury of doors that open automatically rather than manually instantly serve to enhance your customers’ in-store experience, but it will also help to make your business more inclusive by catering for those with disabilities or mobility problems. While every business should aim to this in line with the Disability Discrimination Act, making the necessary alterations to do so can be challenging for businesses housed in older premises. However, here at Zenith Doors, our automated doors can be easily installed in a variety of properties, making them a great choice for every business with a heavy footfall. 
Appealing Aesthetics 
Making your business look as appealing as possible to potential clients is crucial in enticing them in to take a look at the products or services you offer. Functioning more efficiently than conventional doors and usually being made of glass, not only will automated doors give your business a sleek and contemporary appearance, but they will also provide customers with a preliminary view inside, increasing the likelihood of them entering to discover more. With several different designs, there will always be an automated door to suit the style of your business! 
Energy Saving 
For many businesses, it is important to be as energy efficient as possible to not only keep running costs to a minimal but, in line with growing concerns for the environment, to maintain a green ethos. However, it can often be difficult to maintain a particular temperature inside many business premises as the result of doors frequently being opened and closed. If this is a problem you as a business often face, automated doors could be the solution. As well as conserving energy by opening and closing in line with timed programming, our automated doors are made using insulating materials, helping to keep hot or cold air inside your premises while ensuring your business remains aesthetically appealing to passing customers. 
Studies have shown that many customers can often be put off entering a business if a door is closed, challenging to open or unclearly marked as the entrance. Consequently, it is important to ensure that your business looks as inviting as possible at all times to attract customers and make them feel welcome. Automatic doors will do this perfectly – by opening as soon as a customer is in the vicinity, they will always ensure an attractive and easy entrance. Additionally, they require no action from the customer to open, thus eliminating the chance of discouraging any passers-by with the prospect of battling a heavy door. 
Space to Manoeuvre 
Finally, unlike conventional doors which can often be narrow and require a manual opening, automated doors can open wide without human assistance, making it easy to manoeuvre larger, more bulky objects such as pallets, trolleys and wheelchairs through them. Whether it’s a staff member pulling along a pallet of products or a customer with their hands full, automated doors can create hassle-free access, helping to transform your business into a stress-free environment! 
If you would like to find out more about our automated shop front doors, get in touch with one of our team members today by calling 0800 0181 550. Alternatively, head over to our website now to browse our extensive range of industrial, commercial and domestic door solutions. 
An automatic door opening to let a person enter
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