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Our garages are part of our homes. We like to presume that when we’re home, we’re safe from break-ins, but unfortunately, it’s not always the case. In fact, garage doors are often a weak point of the home because people forget to secure them. As much as 10% of burglaries begin through the garage, not due to any inherent risk in the security of garage doors, but just because people often forget to do their due diligence after installation to keep their property safe. 
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It’s imperative to put into place as much protection as possible to prevent future break-ins. That’s why we’ve got some tips to help you out: read our six ways to avoid door garage break-ins. 

1. Lock Your Doors 

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but always keep your garage door locked and shut if it is not in use! Many people forget to close their door when they are rushing off to work or going out in the evening, but government crime data suggests that roughly 30% of burglars enter a property through unlocked doors or windows. 
If your garage connects to the rest of your property through an interconnecting door, you should also consider installing a lock there too. This gives you added security and makes it that much harder for potential burglars to sneak in – and if you do forget to lock the garage door once you leave your home, you have a failsafe that stops the thief stealing from inside your home. 
You can also set a push notification on your phone for when you leave the house to remind you to check the garage door is locked. This is especially useful if you have a terrible habit of forgetfulness! 

2. Install a Garage Door Security Camera 

Garage door security cameras are one of the best ways to bolster the security of your garage and home. 85% of police officers believe that home monitoring systems like video cameras help to deter burglary. When a thief scouts a prospective target, after all, the possibility of being caught on camera red-handed is something they tend to avoid! 
More people than ever are installing security cameras and systems to their garage to prevent thieves. Adding a camera to your security arsenal for your property can be a big step forward in making you feel safe. 

3. Install Motion-Sensing Lights 

Most thieves are cowards who prefer to sneak in poorly lit streets and dark areas. As such, motion-sensing lights are a great deterrent that protects your garage from burglars and larcenists. 
By setting the light to turn on whenever someone skulks near your property, more cowardly thieves will be immediately scared off, worried that someone is home or that a passer-by might spot them. 

4. Block your Garage Door Cord 

Every garage door opener has a safety cord - when it is pulled, you can lift the garage door manually, separate from its chain and belt. This is so that, in case of an emergency when you're inside your garage and can’t get out, you always have some kind of escape route. Unfortunately, this also means that if a burglar can yank the cord from outside, they can sneak themselves into your home. There are dozens of videos online now about how thieves can do this with coat hangers or fishing wire, some with millions of views – there is not a secret method to doing this, but is in fact quite easy to do to some popular garage door brands with a bit of luck and know-how. 
Keep burglars from reaching the cord of the rope by installing a garage shield steel plate screwed into the belt of your home. A shelf in front of the cable prevents people from the outside of the property pulling the door open, and thus makes it that much harder for thieves to break in. 

5. Add Padlocks to Your Garage Door 

Finally, add a padlock to your garage door to prevent it moving without permission. Engaging your garage door lock should be all it takes to keep your home safe. Unfortunately, sometimes dedicated thieves know how to break through certain kinds of locks. However, adding a padlock to your roller or shutter to keep it secure adds an extra layer of difficulty for any would-be thief. This is usually enough to deter most from trying, but for those who do, they’ll find your double-locked door padlocked tight and be unable to break into your home. 

6. Keep your Garage Door Maintained 

Finally, make sure your garage door is in top condition. A rusted or dysfunctional door can lead to serious security problems for your home, just like a broken window or insecure door. Read our guide on maintaining your garage doors for more help with maintenance. 
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