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One of the most crucial aspects of running any business, no matter how large or small, is security. While daylight robbery is usually a rarity, if sufficient security measures are not in place, as a business owner, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable and open to an attack. To ensure your business remains free from criminality and as protected as possible, we’ve put together some top tips on how to enhance the security of your premises: 
A security grill over the front of a restaurant

Conduct a Risk Assessment 

It’s important to identify the unsafe or vulnerable areas of your business premises before you start deciding which security features to install. Consequently, conducting a risk assessment can help you to determine where security measures need to be increased. If you feel confident enough, you could perform a risk assessment by yourself or with the help of staff. Alternatively, you could enlist a commercial security advisor to survey your property and provide advice on the areas that need addressing. 
A man with clipboard conducting a risk assessment

Think Like a Thief 

They say that the best way to catch a criminal is to think like a criminal, so why not apply this logic when securing your business premises? Most burglaries take place at night; as such, you may want to consider what security features are in place on the outside of your premises that could deter a thief e.g. security lights, alarm systems, CCTV etc. You will also need to consider how durable the access points to your business premises are as these will be the first point of call for anyone attempting to break in. 

Strengthen Access Points 

Once you have identified any weak entry points to your property, you will need to install sufficient security measures that will serve to strengthen these access points. While installing sturdier doors and windows is a sure way to improve the security of your business premises, extra features such as security grills for doors and additional locking systems will also help to enhance your property’s safety by making breaking and entering incredibly challenging. 

Install CCTV 

If you haven’t already, installing a CCTV system will significantly improve the security of your business premises for several reasons. With cameras in plain sight, not only should anyone attempting to enter your property without permission be deterred, but if they do decide to go ahead, will be caught on camera, meaning they will be easily identifiable to both you and the authorities. As well as placing cameras above each of the obvious entry points, you may want to consider keeping some hidden as well to capture less apparent intruders. 
Two CCTV cameras on a grey wall

Secure the Boundaries of Your Premises 

As well as the main property itself, making sure that the boundaries of your business premises are well secured will also help to increase its safety. For instance, installing sensory lighting, putting up fencing and having a barrier-operated carpark are just some of the security features that could help to avert a burglary. However, while securing the boundaries is important, try and ensure that your business still looks inviting as not to deter customers! 

Carry Out Regular Security Checks 

Once you have assessed the security of your property and installed the appropriate measures to keep it as safe as possible, it is important to maintain this level of safety by carrying out regular security checks to ensure everything remains in working order. While some issues may be more obvious than others, e.g. if a lock brakes, others such as a broken security camera may not be so clear. By checking this equipment regularly, you will be able to identify an issue as soon as it arises and thus limiting the opportunity for a break-in to occur. 
Here at Zenith Doors LTD, we specialise in keeping both domestic and commercial properties safe through innovative security solutions such as the Secureguard Retractable Security gate system. Alongside this, we also offer commercial shopfront and security shutters, commercial security grills and bars, and bar and counter shutters and grills. To discover more about these extensive ranges and start working on a security plan for your business premises, contact us today by filling out a message form on our website or giving us a call on 0800 0181 550. No matter what your requirements, we’re sure to offer a security solution to suit you! 
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