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This summer has been one of the best on record, with the high temperatures and glorious sunshine being welcomed by many. However, for warehouse staff, the sweltering heat can cause serious problems and make it incredibly difficult to work in warehouse environments for several reasons. With the warm weather set to continue over the coming weeks, we’ve provided some helpful tips to help you keep your warehouse staff cool and safe: 
A man using a forklift to lift a pallet of goods in a warehouse

1. Ventilation 

Good ventilation will not only help to keep your warehouse environment cool by bringing in fresh air and expelling older, more stagnant air, but it will also assist in the removal of other unwanted elements such as dirt, dust, moisture and smoke, making the air inside not only cooler, but less polluted in general. This, in turn, can then help protect both products and machinery from being damaged as well as create a more pleasant working environment for staff. 
While there are a large variety of ventilation solutions available to warehouse owners, a PVC curtain is just one option that is both effective and affordable. Here at Zenith Doors, not only will our PVC curtains help conserve cool air in the summer, but they will also assist in preventing heat loss during the winter, meaning no matter what the weather, their insulating properties will always help to regulate the temperature of your warehouse. 

2. Inventory 

It is not unusual for warehouses to be jam-packed with stock, especially for retailers who use them as storage spaces for their products. However, while having a lot albeit efficiently organised stock tends not to be a problem in the winter, additional stock can serve to increase warehouse temperatures in the summer by creating less space for cooler air to flow through. 
As such, maintaining your inventory will ensure you know exactly what stock is required, meaning you can keep stock levels to a minimum where possible to prevent space being taken up by unneeded items. Once your stock has arrived, you could even rearrange the layout of your warehouse to enable maximum ventilation. 

3. Roofing 

The type of roofing you have can significantly impact the temperature of your warehouse, with some roof materials reaching up to 190-degrees Fahrenheit in the height of summer, causing sweltering temperatures below. Consequently, if the roof of your warehouse is made of metal or a similar dark-coloured material, opting for a lighter coloured roof that can reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them will serve to drastically reduce the temperature of your warehouse by lessening the amount of heat radiation permeating through. Not only will this make inside working conditions more comfortable for your staff, but it will also help you, as the business owner, to save on energy costs that you may have spent on trying to maintain a cooler environment, e.g. air conditioning. 
If the expense of a new roof is not a viable option for you, a cheaper alternative is to treat your existing roof with a reflective coating treatment, which will help to reduce its absorptive qualities. 

4. Turn Off 

Often in warehouses, a large percentage of excess heat is generated by electronics or machinery being used by staff. While the usage of these items is unavoidable during the day, many are often left on unnecessarily overnight, causing heat to build-up and become concentrated over several hours. As such, one of the easiest ways to make the temperature of your warehouse more bearable for staff is to simply turn these items off when leaving the premises for the evening. This will not only stop heat from being produced overnight, but it will also give your warehouse time to cool down by enabling the heat generated during the day to escape. 

5. Hydration 

While it is important for staff in all occupations to stay as hydrated as possible, this is especially crucial for those working in warehouses during summer, where heat exhaustion is a common problem as the result of less air ventilation, excess heat from electronics or machinery, and increased physical activity. Consequently, to ensure your staff remain as safe and productive as possible, always make sure that they are well hydrated and have the opportunity to take regular breaks if required. Additional training will also equip them with the knowledge needed to prevent heat exhaustion or know how to deal with it in the event of an emergency. 
Do you have any other tips for keeping your warehouse staff cool? If so, get in touch on our social media channels now to share your advice. Alternatively, head over to our website now to browse our extensive range of insulating door solutions. 
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