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When it comes to shop front security, selecting the best option for your business can be tricky, especially when an extensive range of solutions are available. 
For many business owners in the retail sector, security and visibility are both important considerations, yet many often feel that one has to be substituted for the other to ensure maximum protection. However, at Zenith Doors, this is not the case as we offer a range of security solutions that will protect your business while still maintaining a good level of visibility. 
Below, we’ve provided a quick guide to these different types of shop front security to solutions and how they could benefit you: 
A closed metal grill on the front of a shop entrance.

Aluminium/Steel Grilles 

Shop front grilles are designed to provide maximum protection with good visibility; consequently, if you are searching for a shop front security solution that’s relatively transparent, aluminium or steel grilles could be the answer. 
Made from aluminium or galvanised mild steel, these security grilles feature a tube and link design fitted on an aluminium or steel bar. As such, they enable a large amount of light to filter through while still offering a high degree of protection, meaning they are ideal for shop fronts, counters, car parks or other areas that require a more understated form of security. 
Additionally, our aluminium and steel grilles are available with push/pull or electrical operation, meaning whether you require manual functioning or prefer an easier alternative, we can provide an option to suit your needs. 

Aluminium Roller Shutters 

If you’ve read our previous blog on the benefits of aluminium shop front doors, you’ll know that this style of shop front security is a popular option for several reasons. Not only are aluminium roller shutters quick and easy to operate both manually or electrically, but they also look far sleeker than other, more obtrusive forms of shop front security. 
At Zenith Doors, we offer aluminium roller shutters in both solid and punched lath designs, the latter available in either 38mm, 60mm or 75mm laths. As well as being available in the standard colours of white or brown, the option to have your doors powered-coated in an alternative shade from the RAL colour range is also on offer, meaning you can match your doors to your business’ colour scheme! 

Galvanised Lath Roller Shutters 

Ultimately the securest option, galvanised lath roller shutters provide maximum protection but, unlike grilles, little visibility. However, if transparency is not a priority for you, this style of shop front security is a fantastic option and will ensure your business remains as safe as possible no matter where it is situated. 
We offer galvanised roller shutter doors in solid 75mm or perforated lath and can install them in a variety of sizes, the maximum recorded thus far being 3658mm (12’) x 3658mm (12’). As with most of our shop front security solutions, manual or electrical operation is also available. 

Secureovision Roller Shutters 

Secureovision roller shutters are designed to suit almost every application from retail shop fronts to commercial premises and offices, making them an incredibly versatile option for those in search of an effective security solution. 
Additionally, the chance to choose from four different designs as well as the option to mix solid and clear sections to optimise the performance of these sophisticated doors make them a popular choice for many businesses who are looking to combine practicality with style. 
At Zenith Doors, polycarbonate glazing is also offered with some designs in our range of Secureovision roller shutters to maximise the strength of these doors and subsequently, provide increased security. 
One of our Secureovision roller shutters installed in a carpark.

Additional Security Options 

Whichever of the above options you opt for, the chance to increase their performance is always available at Zenith Doors with our additional security options. These include locks with central locking in the bottom rail, a pin lock for external applications, and ground locks for both internal and external doors. 
If you would like to find out more about the shop front security solutions we offer or make use of our free consultation service to discuss your security needs with one of our experienced team members, contact us using our online enquiry form or call us on 0800 0181 550. 
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