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There’s no doubt about it, garages are undoubtedly some of the most chaotic and cluttered spaces in our homes and usually tend to get messier as the year goes on. That’s why at Zenith Doors, we believe the New Year is the perfect time to take a look at your garage and put some improvements in place to ensure you can use the space as effectively as possible in the coming months. Here are just six garage improvement ideas for 2019: 
Different tools that are usually kept in a garage laid out on a piece of paper.

1. Clear Out Your Garage 

Over the year, it is likely that you will have accumulated a variety of possessions both new and old that you will be storing in your garage for safe keeping. While there will be some items that you use fairly regularly, others may have been used less frequently, if at all. As such, a great place to start with your garage improvements is with a clear out. Not only will this encourage you to get rid of the items you don’t need or use, but it will also free up space for you to make further improvements inside your garage. 

2. Create a Storage System 

Once you have cleared out your garage, creating a storage system will enable you to utilise the new-found space effectively so that your remaining items can be organised efficiently. Do this by splitting your garage into zones according to different items, e.g. a ‘car-care’ zone, a ‘garden’ zone and a ‘tool’ zone. This will encourage you to group your items more effectively, helping you to find them quickly and easily when you need them. 
Tools lined up together on the inside of garage wall.

3. Utilise Overhead Space 

While many people fill their garage floor with a variety of things, the ceiling space is often left bare and rarely used for storage purposes. To ensure you make the most of your garage, consider installing storage apparatus that will enable you to hang particular items such as cleaning equipment, ladders and sports gear from above. However, make sure that the apparatus you use does not hang down too low or obstruct your garage door when in operation. 

4. Fix Any Damage or Repairs 

As with many domestic spaces, the likelihood is that your garage will have experienced some general wear and tear during the year, so why not give it a head start to the New Year by carrying out some repair and maintenance works? Whether you’ve been meaning to fix a leak or prepare your garage door for winter by installing some extra insulation, making an effort to fix any damages or repairs will ensure your garage as good as new, and you can enjoy it for longer. 
To do this, start by assessing the condition of your garage to spot any areas where damage or problems have occurred. Once you have narrowed down where the works need to be carried out, you can either do them yourself or contact a professional who will be able to fix the issue quickly and professionally. For instance, if you notice a problem with your garage door but are unsure of the cause, our expert team of qualified engineers are sure to fix the problem safely and swiftly, meaning you can push on with other garage improvements in no time! 
Someone wearing a white glove measuring some wood with a tape measure.

5. Give Your Garage a Fresh Coat of Paint 

If your garage is looking a little dated or the paintwork is beginning to fade and flake, why not revive it with a fresh coat of paint? Not only will decorating help to give your garage a new lease of life by making it look fresh and smart for the New Year but using damp proof paint will also ensure that your garage remains free from moisture, which can cause damp to occur. 

6. Upgrade Your Garage Door 

While each of the above improvements is sure to transform the inside of your garage, the outside may still need some work to ensure it matches the interior. Consequently, one of the best ways to give your garage a new look is by upgrading your garage door to a newer, less dated model. 
As well as improving the aesthetics of your garage, a more modern exterior door will enable you to make use of innovative features such as electrical operation and central locking, meaning operating your garage door will be a far more enjoyable experience. 
A large house with a brand new white garage door installed at the front.
At Zenith Doors, not only do we have an extensive range of stylish south west garage doors on offer for you to purchase but as well as supplying your new model, we can also install it and remove your old garage door, meaning you can spend more time making other improvements. 
If you would like some advice when it comes to choosing the right garage door for you, contact us today via our online enquiry form or give us a call on 0800 0181 550. Alternatively, visit our social media channels to tell us what other garage improvement ideas you’ve got for 2019! 
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